Embrace the Indulgence

Updated: May 28, 2020

Embrace the Indulgence - Skip the Seconds

  • Quality over quantity

  • Prepare mentally

  • Prepare physically (surroundings)

  • Create pageantry

  • Skip the guilt

  • Skip the seconds

I love Oreo cookies. Especially Oreo cookies dipped in whole milk.

I eat them often, however I do not eat very many.

When it comes to red-light foods (foods we should eat in extreme moderation) we need to enjoy them, albeit a limited amount of them. It is hard for me to not eat dessert/sweets/pie/cake/etc., at least occasionally. And I’ll contend with anyone that in moderation, a dessert/sweets/pie/cake/etc. is good for your soul.

When we eat red-light foods it needs to be in limited quantities but enhanced qualities.

One of my favorite things about eating Oreos is the experience of eating Oreos.

Yes, the experience.

I get excited to take the beautifully packaged treats out of the cupboard.

I get excited to take out three delectable black and white circles of goodness and place them on a plate.

I get excited to pour the delightfully cold whole milk into my favorite cookie-dunking cup. You know the cup, the one with a wide diameter and a shallow base.

I get excited to methodically dip the Oreo into the milk. I patiently wait as my Oreo soaks in the milk. “Soak my precious,” I say in my best Gollum voice.

Then, as the Oreo hits the perfect saturation level – not too soft, but still logged with milk, I indulge.

I repeat this methodical and grandiose practice of obtaining the perfect bite two more times.

I am not distracted as I eat.

I chew and savor every bite.

After my three cookies are gone, I drink my cookies and cream flavored milk, and then I move on.

No guilt.

No remorse.

I ate my three cookies, and I enjoyed every single bite.

I clean up and move on with my life.

Embrace your indulgence. Skip the seconds.

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