Why I Coach

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I laid in bed scratching the back of my three year old, hoping she would fall asleep soon. My mind was on emails that I had yet to respond to, and sickness was in my stomach about tasks and projects that needed to be completed. I wondered how I was going to do it all. I was not happy and I silently prayed that my sleeping daughter would never be in this position. In a job that brought her little joy, and physically made me sick.

It did not start this bad, and much of the situation was self-inflicted. I gave more than I should have. I had flexible work/life boundaries, and the competitiveness of climbing the corporate ladder appealed to me. However, it all contradicted my own personal values. My priorities are my faith and my family. After that, it is a distant third to my own wellbeing. I was living a life where work was my idol.

Shortly after the eye-opening night of back scratching and prayer I made a career move, however not in the fashion I was accustomed. I took a large salary reduction and a job with a less prestigious title. However, this position allowed me to focus on what is truly important. I am thankful the company I worked for allowed this to happen and to this day and am grateful for the experience. It put perspective in my life that was missing.

As I continued in my new role, life was good, and my priorities remained intact. However, I felt like something was off. How I was making a living did not line up with how I wanted to live. I needed more than the nine to five. More than doing good financial analysis, and more than sitting at a desk staring at spreadsheets.

In November of 2019, I read Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life. The book maps out a plan for you to learn your calling from God, and how to best utilize your spiritual gifts for God’s glory. I believe my spiritual gifts are listening, building trust, and leading others to personal accomplishment. I believe my calling from God is to be a coach.

Coaching is relationship based. It is not based on the best programming, or a one size fits all model. The best coaches care about their clients, and care about their clients’ success. Coaching is taking personal responsibility and accountability for the success of another individual.

As a coach I want to build a relationship with you. I want to know your goals, and know your values. I want to help you construct the life you want based on your current and future situation. Your success is important to me, and you are important to me.

I am a YOU coach, and I want to be your coach.

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